What about Google+? Can I create a new album on Google+ and integrate it with your extension?

Yes, yes, yes. This is the same. They use the same API.

I have paid xx$ per Picasa component for joomla, but I didn’t get any email with download link or something....

First check your SPAM folder. Next, chill out, you will get it soon (at most several hours, depending on the time zone), otherwise go to Contact Form.

I want to buy more at once

No problem, I'll give you a discount (depends on the number of domains) - multiple-licences


Please, I'm just a Joomla coder. If you pay via PayPal - use the PayPal invoice.

It's possible to see also the albums that are not publics (or only with link)?

The answer is NO. GPG component can display only the public albums.
And at the present time I believe the that what is private should be private. Sorry.

I would buy your component. At this moment, I only want one license but, in the future, probably i will buy more. Is the discount per license the same?

Yes, the discount is the same. Use one and the remaining licenses will have a "blank/empty" status, available from "Client Area" for download and update. About the domain name you can decide later.

Old Faq (deprecated) - for the very old versions and J!1.5 survivors
The component is working correct in the backend, but in the frontend no albums are displayed
You have another Joomla extension (a component, template, module, plugin or language, in most cases it's a JQuery) that uses a Javascript library that conflicts with Joomla's Mootools Javascript library.
Possible reason: previous JavaScript errors.
Recommended procedure: use Firebug for Firefox to find JavaScript errors.
Proposed solution: Use firebug try determine which module, plugin or embed script causes errors (and disable/unpublish it).