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This Joomla extension displays the Google Picassa and Google+ photos and albums into your joomla website.

Use the powerful servers of Google to host and administer your photos and use this extension to display them on your site.

  • Ultra fast - it uses a JSON Ajax calls for latest feed to Google picasa-web API through JavaScript functions.
  • Lightweight - it uses only JavaScript for request and render gallery. No (PHP) server side actions and request.
  • Easy - Gold Picasa Gallery is easy to install, easy to configure, easy to use.
  • Low cost - no costs for hosting, photos stored on the Google Picasa/G+ cloud servers are not downloaded in to your server, which saves your server's disk space and bandwidth.
  • Joomla integration - integration into backend forms, which allows you to add Picasa album almost everywhere.
  • Multilanguage - supported languages: English (GB), French (FR), Dutch (NL), Polish (PL), Russian Russian (RU)
  • Full configurable - parameters like this: thumbsize, border, position, results per page, slimbox, etc. (check screenshots at the bottom of the page)
  • Modal window - Slimbox with Auto-resize feature (fit big photos to the browser screen).
  • Secure - on the frontend component does not save anything, it just displays albums and photos, all operations are made on the backend.
  • K2 plugin - integration into K2 ( powerful content extension)

Complete solutions for Picasa/Google+ photo galleries

Component with three standard views and friendly and easy to use backend
Module with the same possibilities as the "Single album"
Plugin with integration into Joomla articles
K2 plugin with integration into K2 items

Joomla menu item

  • Single album
  • Albums list
  • Custom albums - mutiusers
Three standard ways to view photos and albums

Single album
Custom albums
Albums list

Integration into articles

  • Integration into article (through plugin) allows you to add Picasa album after or before article and even before title.
  • Setting gallery or album which takes place in the Joomla backend it's very easy and user-friendly.
  • This option uses the same parameters as the "Single album" Joomla menu item.

Manage multiple Picasa users

  • Manage multiple Picasa users (with no limit).
  • Switching between users is incredibly fast.
  • You can use it to mix different albums of Picasa users...

Integration into K2 items

Gold Picasa is located in the "Image gallery" tab and is as much easy to use as normal.

TIP: If you want to use it, be sure to turn the plugin on (Gold Picasa for K2).

Joomla module

Gold Picasa has its own module (standard Joomla Module) with the same possibilities as the "Single album".
You can use several galleries modules on one page.

Comfortable and useful Joomla BACKEND interface.

  • Fast gallery browser with the users switching dropdown.
  • In the Gold Picasa Gallery adding a new Picasa or Google+ accounts is fabulously simple.
  • You do not need any IT guy (computer specialist ;) to manage photos, it's incredibly simple.

Backend: Custom albums

direct url (1021 x 1772)

Backend: Single album

direct url (1021 x 1452 )

Backend: Albums list

direct url (1021 x 1552)

Download - Gold Picasa Gallery